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More marriages end in divorce than survive. Couples therapy is skyrocketing. If you want to make sure your relationship can stand the test of time, you need a better approach to love. Here it is:

  • There is nothing better than falling in love.

  • The rush of romance. The feeling that you finally met your perfect match, and now that you’ve found “IT,” your work is done.

  • But fast forward a couple of years and suddenly all those little habits you once were able to overlook have gotten really irritating.

  • And all the concerns you thought were going to “change” or “get better” … well, they haven’t improved at all.

  • He hasn’t gotten more ambitious like he promised. She hasn’t wanted to have sex as often as she did before. You aren’t biting your tongue like you did in the beginning.

  • Her shopping habit isn’t cute anymore. His constant sporting event Sundays are really boring. You aren’t laughing together like you used to.

  • Things have gotten harder. Annoying. Trying. NOT fun and easy. Boring, even.

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