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Join us in this illuminating podcast episode with Dr. Randi Gunther as we explore the crucial question: When is couples therapy the right choice for you and your partner? Discover the various circumstances that lead couples to seek therapy, whether it's due to a crisis, slow erosion of their connection, or a combination of both.

Dr. Gunther takes you through the initial assessment process, outlining three key questions that set the stage for therapy. Learn about the ten essential areas she examines to determine whether therapy can truly help:

  • Identifying crisis, erosion, or both.

  • Motivation: the importance of both partners being equally invested.

  • Commitment: the deeper value of not giving up.

  • Creating a new vision for the relationship.

  • The necessity of working as a team.

  • Personal accountability and avoiding blame.

  • The role of the therapist and the importance of trust.

  • How mirroring the therapist can lead to personal growth.

  • Recognizing collateral damage in relationships.

  • Uncovering hidden traumas and the birth of a new assessment.

Discover the transformative power of couples therapy and gain insights into the complexities of the therapeutic process. If you're considering therapy or curious about its potential benefits, this episode provides valuable guidance. Don't forget to subscribe for more insightful discussions on relationships and emotional well-being!

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